At Pro-Calendar®, we make calendars for all types of professions. Although we originally got started making calendars strictly for firefighters, since then we have branched off to make calendars for all types of organizations. Fire, Police, EMS, and even Credit Unions are a few of the industries we have served. If your profession isn’t listed, we can still make a calendar for you. Let us know how we can serve your industry.

Photo of a firefighter


Pro-Calendar® was created by a firefighter for firefighters. We have been customizing our popular 48-page calendar/organizers for departments, unions, and even fire safety groups. If your organization does not order calendars, you can order individual calendars at our web store. 27 years later we are still making calendars to fill the needs of fire professionals and their families.
Check out the page for firefighters and see what kind of custom options we have, as well as browse our online web store to see all of our in-stock products. We have been making calendar products for firefighters for 25 plus years and will always strive to provide quality solutions for fire professionals.

Police facing away from the camera with the words "Police" across their backs

Law Enforcement

Although we started making calendars for firefighters, we soon realized they are just as useful for law enforcement officials. Over the course of our 25 plus years in business, we have done calendars for various law enforcement offices. See how Pro-Calendar® can come up with a calendar solution to fit your department or organization’s needs. We can also customize the organizer portion of our calendar with phone lists, safety instructions, department contacts, or anything else you can think of.