Group & Custom Orders

Our specialty is making custom calendar products, it’s what we have been doing for 20 years. We have made custom covers for countless fire, police and ems organizations, as well as non public safty officials. Over the years we have done some great looking covers and booklets. In order to show some of the possibilities of our customization, we have created the custom gallery. Here you can find examples of the many custom covers we have done, as well as some sample booklets. 

Note: Our booklets require a minimum of 25 for custom work, and our 3-in-1 calendars have a minimum quantity of 50.

Sample  Booklets

Here you will find a few examples of what we have done for customers in the past. Although most custom jobs we do mainly consist of only changing shift colors, we have done many completly custom booklets. The sample booklets page shows examples of how various organizations have made our calendars work for them, and ways you can make it fit your needs.

3-in-1 Calendar

Custom printed shift schedules and custom print options start at quantities of 50. We customize the header portion of the calendars to include company/station name and logo for FREE. Also, colors can be changed to fit any schedule as well as add custom dates. For example, putting a colored square for paydays, or a circle for union meetings. Phone Lists or other information can be printed on the back side of the calendar as well.

Custom Covers

One of the best ways to truly customize our pocket calendars is with a custom cover. We can take any camera ready artwork and put it on the cover of our calendars. Not only is this a great way to represent your organization, but they also make a striking appearance.

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