Here you will find some examples of how others have customized their calendar/organizers. These sample pages are only just a few of the ways you can make our products work for you. Combining our custom booklets with our Custom Covers is a great way to create a stylish and functional calendar for your members or employees.

Note: Custom shift schedules can start at quantities as low as 25 items. Please contact us if you are interested in doing custom work.

Custom Shift Schedules

While we have 13 different shift schedules in stock already, some departments or organizations have unique colors or cycles that we don’t have in stock. Not to worry though, because we can easily customize our calendars to match any shift cycle or colors.

Example 1

Highlights what our standard color-coded shift schedules look like. The date is colored to match a certain shift cycle, such as green, red, orange.

Example 2

Highlights two shifts working each day.

Example 3

Highlights 2 different 24 hours shift schedules on the same calendar.

Custom Dates

Besides just setting up custom shift schedules, we can also add custom dates anywhere in the calendar. This is useful to keep track of monthly meetings, pay dates, company holidays, etc.

Example 1

Shows these custom dates, with meetings and their start time listed on the proper days. We can also utilize the small box inside each date to show multiple events.

Example 2

Shows a “$” inside of the small date box. This was used to show paydays, which still left space for other events as needed.

Custom Phone Lists

Another great way to personalize your calendar/organizers is to add pages, such as a phone list. Phone lists are generally added to the front and/or back pages of the calendar and can be as many pages as you need. Note: Names and numbers have been hidden to protect privacy.

Example 1

Shows a phone list with the organization’s logo and general contact information, as well as a list of officers and their contact info.

Example 2

A similar phone list showing different departments within the organization and numbers to contact them.

Stations Example

Example 3

Shows a list of stations grouped by number with their contact information.

Custom Pages

Sometimes an organization will require certain pages that we don’t have in our booklets. This is not a problem, and we can customize any page that is needed. Below are a few of the custom pages from one organization’s custom calendar.

24 Hour Day Organizer

Example 1

This shows a company logo added to our front page, showing that the calendar has been custom-tailored to that specific organization.

Damage Rating Chart example custom page

Example 2

A calendar customized for police officers. This was a guide for reporting damage to vehicles to be used as a quick reference guide.

Texas Statutory Warnings to be given before taking any oral or written confession example custom  page

Example 3

This was also from the same book, and was a reference of a suspect’s rights that must be read before any questioning could take place. This is just a small sampling of what is possible, as we can customize pages to fit any need.