Pro-Calendar Organizers

Product Overview

Pocket shift schedule calendar/organizers are Pro-Calendar’s specialty. We have been providing calendars to professionals who demand quality and deserve the best in customer service since 1995. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to create a shift schedule calendar/organizer that meets their specific needs every day of the year.

The original “24-Hour Day Firefighter Calendar/Organizer” was designed by a firefighter for firefighters. Today you will find this 48-page calendar consisting of a 12-month color-coded shift schedule calendar, two-year reference schedule calendar, and 25-page scratch pad being used by police, fire medics, civilians, and other emergency personnel throughout the country. Take advantage of our most popular calendar options with several in-stock shift schedules to choose from, or feel free to send us a copy of your current schedule calendar for competitive pricing options.

Stock Schedules

At Pro-Calendar, we offer several in-stock color schedules. Although we can customize our calendars to match any schedule, we carry our most popular shift schedules in our online store. If you want to see if your schedule matches up with our in-stock selection, check our our Schedules page. Once you know your schedule, you can purchase individual calendars over at our online store.

Customization Options

Customization is limited to your imagination. We can completely alter our 48-page booklet to fit your needs. As simple as changing shift colors or adding important dates, or as complex as re-formatting the entire booklet with custom pages. Not only can we customize the inside of the organizer, but the cover as well. We can take any camera ready artwork and stamp it onto our covers. Check out our Custom Gallery to check out custom covers we have done, as well as various custom booklets.


There are several pricing options availble. Our individual calendar/organizers are $16.50 with a cover, or $12.50 for an insert only. All of our calendar/organizers, with cover or without, come with a scratch pad. Group Discount prices are listed below, as well as custom charges.

Note: Group order discounts are not available online. To get group order prices please call us at 360-944-9911

1-25 $12.50
26-49 $11.10
50-99 $9.90
100-149 $8.85
150-199 $8.25
200-249 $7.75
250-299 $7.50
300-399 $7.30
400-499 $6.96
Custom Covers
One-Color Custom Logo Two-Color Custom Logo
50-99 $5.83 50-99 $7.12
100-149 $3.85 100-149 $5.43
150-199 $3.33 150-199 $4.95
200-249 $3.08 200-249 $4.84
250-299 $2.86 250-299 $4.47
300-399 $1.98 300-399 $3.84
400-499 $1.74 400-499 $3.34