About the App

How It Started

The IAFF Foundation Pro-Calendar was developed by Pro-Calendar. We have been making calendar/organizers for fire fighters since 1995. Founded by an IAFF member and active fire fighter, Pro-Calendar has always made a commitment to quality using union print shops to provide fellow fire fighters with the best paper calendars around. Pro-Calendar has had a long history with the IAFF Burn Foundation, donating a percentage of all our sales each year. For the last several years we have been working with the IAFF Burn Foundation to assist them with their annual benefit wall calendar. When we decided that we wanted to make a smart phone version of our paper calendars, we decided to team up with the IAFF Foundation to continue giving back.

Why Isn't it Free for IAFF Members?

Pro-Calendar has developed the app solely on its own, modeling it based off of our popular paper products. Since we have been longtime supporters of the IAFF Burn Foundation, we wanted a way to continue to give back to them. We decided to give the IAFF Burn Foundation, now part of the IAFF Foundation, a percentage of every app sale. Their cause is important, as it helps not only fire fighters, but those who have been affected by fires. All funds from Pro-Calendar to the IAFF go right to the IAFF Foundation and its respective charities.

Why Charge an Annual Fee?

On the app store, most apps are a one time purchase. Once purchased, you own that app for good. The only problem with this method is that once an app is released, it is no longer supported after the first couple of updates. Instead of having a new calendar each year with new features, we decided to focus on continually improving one single product over its lifetime. By charging an annual fee, we can continue to support the app with new features and updates. Also, every year when you purchase the app, part of those proceeds continue to go the IAFF Foundation's charities. This way we can provide extended app support as well as continue to support the life saving activities of the IAFF Foundation.

IAFF Charities Benefited